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Security. Growth. Convenience. A new short-term savings option on our segregated fund shelf.

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Reflect on the dynamic first half of the year and gear up for what’s to come.

Our brand-new case study dives into a real-life scenario and shows how segregated fund policies made a difference of nearly a quarter-million-dollars to a client’s legacy.

Discover why bonds are making a comeback in today’s market as interest rates peak.

We cannot guarantee an annualized return of 4% or higher (as the return of the fund fluctuates daily, dependent on the return of the underlying portfolio), but it’s our intention to achieve the 4% target rate by waiving part of the management fee of each series by an amount that would achieve at least the 4% target rate at the time the waiver is established. We will not waive more than the full amount of fees that we collect. Minimum 4% return is net of fees.